The one and only solution that can charged and locked rental e-scooter

First rental station for e-scooters city friendly

100% Adaptable solution

Think for an absolute immersion in the urban landscape, the Green Riders's station is compact! Tiny and pretty, you can begin with 2 stations and plug 10 more later! You decide in accordance of your needs. The combination is infinite.

Easy to maintain

Our devices are suitable for urban use, easy to maintain, the stations are resistant to bad weather and damage. They can be cleaned with a karcher or simple cleaning solutions

Lock and unlock

Users can easily lock and unlock their e-scooter with Green Riders's application, by scanning the QR code. From now on the scooters are parked directly in the station. Our system is conceived to freed the street and reconcile the public with this great solution ideal to move in the city.

Compatible with two e-scooters

Green Riders’s charging station is compatible with two models of e-scooter : Ninebot ES4 and Max G30, both produced by Segway, worldwilde leader of this market. Those two are equipped with specials parts to allow the plugging between the charging station and the e-scooters.

Advertiser space

Green Riders's station can be used as an advertiser space. An entire area on the station can be used to brand the station to your own image, or you can decide to rent this space for advertising.

Green Riders's application

Download the Green Riders's application to lock and unlock the e-scooter. Scan the QR code and let's go! You are searching for an e-scooter? Don't panic, you can book it with our app. Coming soon in your Apple Store and Play Store.
Green Riders charging and locking solution

Green Riders's station 100% Made In France

Those devices were designed to park and charge e-scooters as soon as they aren’t used. Conceived and produced in France, this charging station can be set up everywhere to ease urban mobility. Robust, they are waterproof and resist weathering and damage. Their design has been approved by the european certification APAVE.

Green Riders and “la French Tech”

In 2020, for the first time, Green Riders's rental station will be revele at the CES of Las Vegas. For this international event, Green Riders will be present under the French Tech's pavillon. This first presentation will be an oppurtunity to discover our station.

The last innovation for mobility

The charging and locking Green Riders's station is the last frontier in the green mobility sector. Designed and created in France, this unique rent solution for e-scooters will be on the market in 2020 in France and overseas.

Tailor made support


Study of your project

To set up a charging station, everything starts with our team, which one will evaluate your needs and the technical feasibility of this project.

Implantation study

After we studied your project, the next step is to create an implementation study, so we can set up the charging stations in the best conditions.


Our technicians are in charge to implant the charging stations. At that point, we will need to get an electrical connexon to supply the entire system.


Our technicians are in charge to implant the charging stations. At that point, we will need to get an electrical connexon to supply the entire system.

Back office management

Each Green Riders client receives his own access to our back office. This plateform will allow the client to manage his park (speed, location, technical problem).

How to use it?

Our stations respond with Green Riders app for users. Available on iOS and Play Store, this app is totally free and allows the lock and unlock function but also the payment.

A station that can be settle everywhere,
with or without electric supply



The classic version works with an electric connexion of 220V and a civil engineering intervention.


The essential formula allows a quick and easy installation thanks to the addition of a battery power supply (for five stations).


Green Riders’s charging stations are available in their solar power version. This premium solution allows our devices to work without electric connection and to be totally autonomous.
The prices for the Green riders rental solutions are adaptable according to each situation.
Our solution is open to all without constraint linked to the number of scooters.

About Green Riders

Expert in eco-mobility and electric scooters, Green Riders, a subsidiary of Patcom is in full development. After thousands of hours of research, prototypes and full-scale tests, Green Riders is today the only French player able to offer rental terminals for electric scooters, including recharging and locking devices. Green Riders has received support from APAVE to obtain all the conformity certifications. Our rental terminal complies with European safety standards (CE).

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Green Riders support policy


We support your strategy and we stay along your side during all the process.

Management of your park

Get your own access to our back office and manage your park according to your needs
Green Riders rental solution

Des trottinettes performantes

Our charging stations are compatible with two e-scooters : Ninebot ES4 et GMax 30.
rent e-scooter with Green Ridder

After sale service

We take care of reparations on e-scooters and charging stations.

One application for many services


Find a charging station

With our app, users can localize the charging station closest to them, but also check out if they are empty stations near their final destination.


Users can book an e-scooter 10 minutes before they arrived to the charging station, they can also book an empty station 10 minutes before reaching their final destination.

Integrated GPS

From the moment they unlock the e-scooter, a user can active our GPS system to guide and help them to get to his destination.

After sale

If users notice a problem on the scooter or the charging station, they can use the app to call an hotline or take a picture of the problem and send it through the app.


Once the users are done with the e-scooter, they use the app to finish and to lock the device into the charging station.

Payment in app

The app is also the only way for users to pay for the service. They can choose between their Paypal accompt or their credit card.

Option customization

Green Riders offers stations and e-scooters’s customization option. Create a fleet from your image, with your logo and your brand identity. There is on the station four customization’s area, you can use one of them as an advertising space. Scooters have three customization area.

Within the context of your fleet’s white label utilization, Green Riders also provides to personalize the mobile application to display your logo and your visual identity.

Three founding solutions


Purchase our stations

Green Riders rental stations are available for purchase. To get more information on our prices, contact our sales department.

Long term rental

With long-term rental, we offer a solution to facilitate the financing of your fleet of scooters. Long terme rental allow you to benefit our solution with monthly paiement.

Rental with option to purchase

The rental with purchase option allows you to take advantage of our solution with monthly payments, at the end of your contract you can choose to buy the terminals.

Manage your e-scooters rental park

We have developed a back office allowing our clients to manage their park as freely as necessary. Once you become Green Riders’s members, you will receive your own access to the back office. This interface has been conceived so our clients can follow the evolution of their park and create reporting.

With this back office our clients are free to decide the speed limit of their e-scooters, to choose the area where the e-scooters are functional, opening and closing hours of the park, to receive a message if there is any problem with a station or an e-scooter and to decide the price of the rent.

With Green Riders we ride safely

Green Riders has signed partnerships with the biggest names in the insurance world to protect your equipment and its users, in strict compliance with the law. Whether you are a company or a community, we will study the best solutions to insure you and (r) insure you.

To ensure the safety of your users, Green Riders offers training sessions for getting started with scooters as well as good driving reflexes. We also offer additional accessories: helmet, gloves, backpack and everything you need to ride safely.


They support us


Retails spaces


After sales partners





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